Shul, the Korean New Year

Traditionally, we have two celebration days in Korea. One is Shul (New Year’s Day) and the other is Chu-suk (a Thanksgiving day). Both of them are important for Koreans, but many children prefer Shul to Chu-suk.

Shul has been a traditional holiday for a long time. It is the first day of the New Year on the lunar calendar. Many Koreans hope to be happy, healthy and succeed in their work.


On Shul, we wear Korean traditional clothes, remember our ancestors, and have a small celebration for ancestor worship before breakfast. We eat special food made of rice.

After breakfast, we play a traditional Korean game with Korean die or play with kites. We meet many families, relatives and cousins. We have to bow to parents relatives or the elders.


At that time, the older ones give children some presents like books, socks, or a little money. When I was young, I bought something that I wanted and played with my cousins. With the money which we received we could buy some books, some little toys and go to the movies or the bowling alley. It’s a beautiful memory childhood memory for me.