10 People-First Questions Every Content Creator Should Ask

People-First Questions Every Content Creator Should Ask

The SEO and digital marketing industry has relied on a long-standing truth that dictates much of what we do: content is king. When you break all of SEO in digital marketing down to its core fundamentals, you find out that everything revolves around content. Even keyword research is content-focused. This says something important to content … Read more

Mother’s Day in Mexico

In Mexico during the early morning hours of May 10 it is a tradition that many people go to serenade their moms. Either they hire a trio or a mariachi band or they meet with several people to go to sing to their moms. It is customary to have festivals for mothers in schools, where … Read more

Traditional Children’s Games: Playing with Tops

In just about every country, children, especially boys, have played with tops. Usually, the object is to knock over the other players’ tops with your top or to knock them out of a circle. In Venezuela, the traditional top is made of wood. In Indonesia, a bamboo top whistles as it spins, and the object is to … Read more