Keeping the Traditional New Year’s Holiday

Every country has famous holidays because they symbolize the customs of people. A famous holiday in my country is the Lunar New Year Festival. Nowadays, Vietnamese still keep this traditional holiday.

First of all, the New Year holiday happens in February. In the month before the holiday, people clean up and whitewash their houses. They buy fresh flowers and a peach blossom to put in their house. as that is the Vietnamese custom.


Second, they buy cakes and fruits such as watermelons, ginger-sweetmeat, coconut sweetmeat, plum-sweetmeat, and lotus seeds to receive their relatives. On the days before the holiday, it’s crowded in the markets because the people sell flowers and fruits and they go shopping for the New Year’s holiday. If you walk along the streets near the markets, you’ll see the people are going to buy peach blossoms. It’s crowded and fun.


On the midnight of the holiday, people go to pagodas to pray to Buddha. Everyone walks along the streets and talks together. After that, old and young people go to the park to see Chinese dragon dances and fireworks. Next, the people congratulate each other.

The next morning, the children have to wish grandparents, parents and relatives a Happy New Year. After the children wish their parents good luck, their parents will give them a red envelope that has money inside. Then the family eats cakes and watermelon. Watermelon are special fruits during the Vietnamese New Year. Then, people return to their houses.

This famous Vietnamese holiday is important because everyone still keeps the customs of their ancestors. The Vietnamese have fun and are always happy on New Year’s Day. They are always saying “Happy New Year” to each other.