Chinese New Year’s Holiday

The Chinese New Year’s holiday which is celebrated in February, is the longest and most crowded holiday in my country.

During this time, people celebrate the arrival of the New Year, pray for a new start of their life in the following spring, and make many new wishes and plans.

Adults visit each other, and usually the holiday will last for two weeks. The children don’t really understand the meaning of New Year’s, but it is very exciting for them, and they are happy with all the gifts and programs such as dancing, movies, eating, partying, and lighting firecrackers.


I remember that when I was a child, I used to look forward to the New Year, but year by year, I gradually lost interest.

Now spectacular shows on TV last all day long. Most of the programs are parties from each province. People sing, dance and play dramas.

Today, more and more Chinese would rather spend their time traveling during the holiday. Furthermore, a lot of couples have their weddings during the New Year’s holiday.