New Year’s Day in Vietnam

Every country in the world has special holidays such as Labor Day, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.

One important day in Vietnam is New Year’s, and we always have a lot of preparation for that day.

About a month before New Year’s Day, we buy such things as food, drinks, and gifts. We also need to clean and decorate our houses so that they are pretty.


At midnight on New Year’s Day, we always have ready some traditional foods and drinks on the table such as jams, fresh fruits, wine and hot tea. We pray for the best luck to come to our family. After that, we wish everybody good luck and give lucky money bags, clothes, or anything we know the members of our family like.

In the early morning, we need to visit our grandparents, parents, or siblings if we don’t live with them. The next day, we visit our teachers and friends.

New Year’s Day is an important day in my country. We love that day so much that the members of our family always get home and are happy.