A Wedding in Vietnam

Ngoc Dinh-Quang Pham
from Vietnam

Organizing a wedding is very important for a couple because it’s an event that happens once in their life. So, the prepare carefully for the marriage ceremony. One day before the ceremony, both families build a frame made from coconut leaves in front of their houses. On the top of each frame, there is a small red board with these words in yellow: TAN HON at the groom’s house and VU QUY at the bride’s house.

Source: donegeemedia.com

On the day of the ceremony, all the groom’s family have to go to the bride’s home on time because they chose the good time some months ago. The traditional gifts include betel and areca-nut, cake, and fruit. Then, the groom and the bride worship at the altar of ancestors.

Next, the bride puts the ring onto the bride’s finger, earrings into her ears, and a necklace onto her neck. The cost of jewelry depends on the groom’s finances. The bride also puts a ring onto the groom’s finger.

Source: medium.com

After that, he brings her to his house. They sometimes have a small meal at the bride’s house. On that evening, they have a wedding party at a restaurant with their relatives and friends. There is usually a band to play music during their mean. In the middle of the meal, the couple go around and go to each table to get wishes and gifts or money from their relatives and friends.

In conclusion, after the party, the bride belongs to the groom’s family, and she will live with the groom for the rest of her life if nothing wrong happens to their life!!