How Long Does It Take To Get RBS Certification – 2024 Guide?

From 1st July 2024, all Californian establishments serving alcohol and related beverages are subject to stringent rules. To continue serving alcohol, it is required that these servers have a current RBS or Responsible Beverage Service Certification. Enrolling in an RBS training course approved by the state where one resides, one can now earn the RBS … Read more

A Traditional Outdoor Food Market

Viktualien Markt in München, Germany Anonymous from Germany Germany has some very nice markets all over the country as well as all year round. For example, Munich (München) has a great market place near the Town Hall. That market is called Viktualien Markt. I have known this market for a very long time, but I have never … Read more

A World of Food – International Recipes

Market places International market places—indoor and outdoor—traditional and modern Global tastes A variety of foods from around the globe provide new tastes and eating adventures Viktualien Markt is in München, Germany and offer excellent food. Check it out! The tortilla Espanola is a favorite in Spain. Find the recipe here! Street Food Worldwide Food Stands are popular in every … Read more

Mochituki: Making Rice Cakes

Making rice cakes is a Japanese tradition that is frequently done to make rice cakes (Mochi) at New Year. Glutinous rice becomes mochi after it is steamed and pounded with a Kine and Usu. First of all, place steamed rice into a wooden pestle. Next, it is Dad’s turn. Dad grabs the Kine which is made of wood and shaped like a big … Read more

International Recipes from Students in Australia

Tesfanesh Abate from Ethiopia Ageresh Abate and Awoke Abate from Ethiopia helped with the preparation. Alicha is like a stew or casserole, and the Ethiopian name for this is a wat. Stews are very popular in my country. Alicha, a more delicately seasoned Wat (stew), contains no berbere (chili). It is often eaten at home, and it is also served … Read more

Venezuelans Love Arepas!

Jennifer Risso from Venezuela tells us about a favorite Venezuelan food made of corn flour. Arepas are the most typical food in Venezuela. It is an easy food that you can make in only a few minutes. Arepas are made of corn flour. They are like bread in other countries. You can eat them anytime, everywhere and with whatever … Read more

International Recipes from Students in Australia

Kaima Bona Gatoi Chile Sweet Potato and Eggplant Crisp Rachel Smith from Papua New Guinea There are 850 languages in my country. The 3 main national language are Pidgin, Motu, and English. The average Papua New Guinean speaks 5 languages. I speak the 3 main languages, my mother’s language and my father’s language. This is … Read more

International Recipes From Students In Australia

Saksak (Sweet Sago Dumplings) Susan Collier From Papua New Guinea This dish is eaten at home; it can be a lunch or a dinner dish. It is special for people living along the coastal area of Papua New Guinea. I like it because I grew up eating it. Children love it. I like to prepare … Read more