Interesting Wedding Customs: Argentina, Colombia, and Korea

Bachelor’s Shoes and the Wedding Dress

Diana Naranjo from Colombia


In Colombia, when a bride gets married, she wears a long white dress at her wedding. At the party, all of the bachelors put one of their shoes under the bride’s dress. Then, the groom chooses just one shoe. The man whose shoe he chooses will be married next.

Handing Down Grandmother’s Ring

Mariana Aguinaga from Argentina


In Argentina, it is very common when a girl is going to get married for her grandmother to give her a ring, the same ring that her grandmother gave to her on the day of her wedding. The ring is often handed down in the family from generation to generation to bring her love and happiness during her marriage. She has to keep this ring all her life because if she loses it, her marriage will be over.

Throwing the Wedding Bouquet

Kim Young Lee from Korea


Many young people get married western style in Korea. That is, women wear a short dress, and men wear a new western suit. The bride throws her wedding bouquet back over her shoulder, and the girl who catches it is the one who is going to get married next.