Celebrating Valentine’s Day Internationally

International students explain how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in their countries, reflect on how romance differs in countries, tell a story about meeting a husband-to-be, and share Valentine’s Day poems.

Some ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day in Mexico

In the U.S., tiny candy hearts with Valentine’s Day messages are popular.

On Valentine’s Day in the U.S., people enjoy reading the messages found on tiny pastel-colored candies shaped like hearts. These candies have been popular for a hundred years. Traditional messages such as “BE MINE” or “THANK YOU” are still printed on the candies, but new messages such as “COOL DUDE” and “MOON BEAM” are cropping up.

In their ESL class project, students write Valentine’s Day poetry.

Our Valentine’s Day Poetry

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ESL students in a level one class used their newly learned English to write some impressive poetry for Valentine’s Day.
Good news for chocolate eaters!

According to USA TODAY, chocolate may be good for you. Scientists say that it has plant chemicals that help prevent heart attacks and cancer. So, enjoy that Valentine Day’s chocolate!

Learning a Funny English Expression: “to have a blind date”
Xiao Wei Nong from China

An ESL student from China is delighted to learn a new expression and explains how she thinks this is an expression that is very appropriate in China.

Learning about Valentine’s Day
Shen Yu from China

An ESL student from China is confused about how to celebrate this day in the U.S., but she has fun learning from her teacher and the other students.

International students say ways of being romantic vary globally.

Romantic Styles of Americans and Chinese
Hsiu-Mei Yen from China

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American and Traditional Japanese Romance
Noriko Watanabe from Japan

Romance in Mexico and in the U.S.
Lorena Vazquez from Mexico

How Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Turkey

Celebrating in Korea
Kim Young Lee from Korea

Celebrating in Taiwan
Nicole Huang from Taiwan

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