Quiz: New Year’s Eve Customs – In Which Country Do You Find Each Of These Customs?

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  1. In which country do they eat 12 grapes as the clock strikes midnight (one each time the clock chimes) on New Year’s Eve?

    Source: cityexpress.com

    a. Canada
    b. Vietnam
    c. Spain

  2. In which country do some people eat long noodles to to wish for a long life?

    Source: livejapan.com

    a. Italy
    b. Japan
    c. Argentina

  3. In which country do people go to the beach to jump seven waves and throw flowers in the sea while making a wish?

    a. Italy
    b. Spain
    c. Brazil

  4. In which country is a bell struck 33 times?

    a. Korea
    b. Puerto Rico
    c. Colombia

  5. In which country do people eat noodles while listening to a bell start ringing and strike 108 times?

    Source: theculturetrip.com

    a. Germany
    b. Japan
    c. Greece

  6. In which country do people who want to travel take a suitcase and carry it around the house on New Year’s Eve?

    a. The United States
    b. Venezuela
    c. The Philippines

  7. In which country do people wear white clothes in order to have good luck during the new year?

    Source: soulbrasil.com

    a. France
    b. Papua New Guinea
    c. Brazil

  8. In which country do families dress a stuffed male doll with old clothes from each member of the family and then burn it, symbolizing forgetting all the bad things of the old year?

    a. Hungary
    b. Angola
    c. Colombia

  9. In which country do they pound rice into a glutinous form using a huge hammer?

    Source: justkimsblog.wordpress.com

    a. Thailand
    b. Japan
    c. Indonesia

  10. In which country do people wear masks to burn on December 31 to drive away bad luck?

    a. Spain
    b. Ecuador
    c. Nigeria