Worldwide Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations by Country

 Brazil Brazil’s Famous Carnival Holiday – Renata Pauperio  Bulgaria Legend of the Martenitsa – Rositsa Ruseva  China Torch Day: A Festival of the Yu People – Anonymous  Germany October Fest in Germany – Siggi Siebold  Hong Kong Chung Yueng Festival – Tse-Kin (Pantium) Wong  Ireland Saint Patrick’s Day – Cannelle and Ewa  Japan Setsubun: Bean Throwing Festival – Jun Yoshizawa Shichi-Go San: … Read more

Why Should People Put Up with Life in the City?

Can you imagine exchanging the glamour of city life for a quiet life in the countryside? Many people want to move from the country to the city because they think that life in the city is more exciting and better than in rural areas, especially younger people who like new, modern things. Often people like … Read more

Independence Day in El Salvador

Independence Day in my country, El Salvador, is on September 15th, but the people start to prepare for it on May 1st. All the schools and the military have a parade in the streets; in the capital they do it at the most important stadium. In order to have a parade, each school has already … Read more