Why Should People Put Up with Life in the City?

Can you imagine exchanging the glamour of city life for a quiet life in the countryside?

Many people want to move from the country to the city because they think that life in the city is more exciting and better than in rural areas, especially younger people who like new, modern things.

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Often people like to be fashionable and feel they can find the latest styles only in the city.

Other people are interested in technological things and high tech jobs and think they can find them only in a big city. If they want to find a job, especially a good position in a company, they feel they have to live in a city. To enjoy these jobs, they are willing to put up with many of the disadvantages of city life such as crime, high traffic, and pollution.

However, it is now possible to enjoy a higher quality of life in the countryside and still enjoy some of the advantages of living in the city.

Nowadays, travel is fast and information is available on the Internet, so many people are able to do their work in home offices.

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Because they have e-mail and personal computers, they don’t have to be in big cities to conduct their business. It is not important where they actually work because the results of their work can be sent everywhere with technology. So, why should they put up with all the disadvantages of the city any longer. Now they can escape hectic city life to enjoy life in the countryside and still be able to do good business and successful careers.