The Yangko, A Traditional Dance from China

The Yangko Dance is a traditional Chinese folk dance created by the farmers when they worked in the rice field hundreds of years ago.

Many Chinese people like the dance and take it as an important method of relaxing, no matter when there is a spring festival or when there are some special celebrations.

Before the Yangko Dance starts, the music is performed to build the dancer an atmosphere and a rhythm to follow.


As the dance’s content is derived from special folk legends, men and women performing the dance are dressed in colorful costumes and necessary props are used.

During the dance, the dancers are wagging their body and walking at an exaggerated pace to present old stories to the audience in a new style. The dance also shows their happy mood and life.

While the dancers are dancing on the ground, there is usually a big crowd around them, appreciating and sharing the feelings of the dancers there.

All the people there–old, young, male, and female–are concentrating on the scene, so they forgot the boring things in their lives.