Traditional Children’s Games from Around the World

Games We Played as Children: Around the world, children have one thing in common. They love to play games. Discover how children from Venezuela, Mexico, Korea, China, Germany, and many other countries play different versions of the same traditional games.

  1. Jump Rope Games
  2. Hopscotch Games
  3. Games of Tag
  4. Circle Games
  5. Games of Marbles
  6. Games Played with Balls
  7. Games with Tops
  8. Games Played with Sticks and Stones
  9. Games for Toddlers
  10. Games Played with Shuttlecocks
  11. Games with Paper and Cards
  12. Games of Consequence

International students from Brazil, China, Colombia, Korea, Mexico, Taiwan, Thailand, and Venezuela demonstrate how they played games when they were children

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