Torch Day: A Festival of the YU People Anonymous from China

The Yi people in China have a holiday named Torch Day every year from August 5 to 8. Why do we have that holiday? Because we have a myth. Three thousand years ago in August near harvest time, our Yi people had a wrestling competition.
One Yi person was very strong and kind. His name was Zhige Arlon. He did something to the devil which caused the devil to feel he lost face.

So the devil sent lots of locusts to the area and destroyed the crops. Then Zhige Arlon guided the Yi people. He told them to hold torches which would kill the locusts. So, the Yi people killed all of the locusts.

The Yi people still celebrate this holiday. It’s very great, even though there are no locusts anymore. When everybody holds the torches at night, the streets look like a fire dragon and the view is great. Lots of guests come to our area to enjoy the friendly Yi people’s.