Common Misconceptions People Have About G-Strings

Since fashion began to dictate the idea that underwear should not be seen, thongs and g-strings have become a hit. Almost every woman has them, and there are few who expressly do not accept them and consider wearing them unhealthy or uncomfortable.

When we talk about the comfort of this type of underwear, opinions are divided because there are those girls who wear them exclusively for fashion and the fact that the edge is not reflected on the clothes, even if that means a feeling of discomfort, but there are also those women who this underwear they find it extremely comfortable. Of course, we will all agree that she is sexy. However, there are several misconceptions that many have when it comes to g-strings.

The material is not important


It is clear to you that this cannot possibly be true because the material is very important for any item of clothing that comes into direct contact with the body, and the material of the underwear is especially important. We will admit that lace and silky underwear look better and more attractive, but cotton as a natural, airy material is definitely the best choice. Cotton is gentle on the skin, allowing moisture to evaporate, which could otherwise cause the development of bacteria. If you choose synthetics, try to wear such underwear only on special occasions.

G-strings are uncomfortable

False. Although thongs and g-strings follow the myth of discomfort, we assure you that the opposite can also be true if you know how to choose the right model and size for yourself. Panties, Thongs & G-Strings panties must fit the body, but they must not be too tight and leave a mark, because they will make you uncomfortable and what you were trying to avoid will happen – that they will show up under your pants or skirt. Always choose a size and model that will not constrict you. If you are buying cotton underwear, feel free to take one size larger, because cotton shrinks a little during the first wash.

Thongs cause infections


Many people believe that this small piece of material is the main cause of infections in women, which is not true if you are in good health. But, if the infection already exists, whether it is urinary or vaginal, it will be much more difficult to get rid of it if you wear thongs. Also, wearing a thong during menstruation increases the risk of infections, but not in people who are not prone to infections.

G-strings and thongs are the same

In principle, we can say that they are, because both terms refer to skimpy underwear. However, there is a difference, and that is that the g-string is a slightly tighter type of underwear that only has a thin band on the back, while thongs have a slightly wider part. As for comfort, opinions are divided.

Impact on self-confidence


It is quite logical that you will put on attractive underwear when you are going out with your partner and expect that intimacy might occur. Although it might not even occur to you, it is important that, in addition to comfort, you also feel confident every time you put on your underwear, especially if it is new! Nothing can replace that feeling of self-confidence when you walk around the apartment in an interesting set of laundry, so you should not ignore the importance of this feeling, which will not be missing when you buy quality laundry. If you ever feel down, turn to the sexiest panties you own. They could give you a good confidence boost. Then why wouldn’t you allow yourself that feeling every day, and not only on special occasions?

Expiration date

Although the fabric does not have an expiration date, it is recommended that you change your underwear annually. It sounds a bit excessive, especially for something that is washed so regularly. It may sound excessive, but scientific research has shown that even a clean cloth has 10,000 bacteria on it.

The types of underwear that every girl and woman should have in their drawer can be divided into several categories or classified according to different criteria. These are, first of all: laundry models, that is, cuts; colors of underwear that will suit you best for different editions, as well as the materials from which the underwear is made. Before you start shopping, think about the model that best suits your body shape.

Matching underwear


Most women think that the bra and panties have to be of the same pattern in order to look good, which is somewhat true, but it also does not mean that it is mandatory. Why not combine a black bra with red panties that have a black detail on them? Do you still think that unpaired lingerie is not sexy?

You should always have several pairs of panties that are cotton and extra comfortable and that you will wear with sports clothes as well as when you have “those days” of the month. Slip panties are a necessary part of every woman’s wardrobe. They are there for all those days when we put comfort, warmth, and a gentle touch first, with the complete absence of any discomfort or feeling of blistering in the intimate region. Thongs and G-strings cannot be bypassed when it comes to sexy underwear and when you don’t want it to show under your clothes. When we talk about colors, every woman must have black, white, and no panties, and we give you other colors at will. Whatever you wear, underwear is an indispensable part of the combination!

When it comes to lingerie, there is no word like too sexy. Women and men wear different styles of underwear. Underwear worn by women includes bras and panties, while men wear only briefs or boxers. Items commonly worn by both sexes include T-shirts, undershirts, and G-strings or thongs.