Learning a Funny English Expression – ‘To Have a Blind Date’

In the last reading class, Mr. Peters talked about blind dates and asked us if anyone had had a blind date in the past. After we made sense of the words, we couldn’t help laughing. It’s an interesting thing. Maybe we can try to do it some day. I know it is the popular thing in our country now. A lot of people rely on this way to make a date. It’s good progress for the Chinese.

In the old days, new Chinese couples never met each other before their wedding. They had no right to choose their marriage partners. Their marriages were arranged completely by their parents. Maybe we can call it “blind marriage.”

Source: liveabout.com

In those times, women put their whole hope on the “blind marriage. Their happiness completely depended on what kind of men they would meet. If the men they met were nice, they would be happy in the future. If they were not, then a terrible life was waiting for them. In that case, it was hard to find happiness in their married life.

In my opinion, it is a good development to make a “blind date” before the marriage. At least, you can refuse the person you don’t like. And most Chinese people are shy. So they need to look for ideal marriage partners through the “blind date.” I think it is fits in even more with Chinese character.

Of course, there are a lot of young Chinese people who make the date by themselves now. It is a good phenomenon. They can select each other freely. However, there isn’t any way to guarantee everybody will get happiness for their whole life. We need good luck!