Valentine’s Day Poetry by Monika Hofer’s Level One Students

Students in Monika Hofer’s beginning level ESL class used their newly learned English to write some impressive poetry about Valentine’s Day.

Sunhee from Korea wrote this poem about changing sadness to happiness.


Be With YouYou don’t have to be sad,

I’ll take your sadness,

And change you with more happiness from my smile.

You don’t have to worry about anything.

I will always be standing next to your shadow,

forever and ever

I love you…

Tayfun from Turkey remembers a special love in Istanbul.


To Love is to Imagine in Istanbul

The last day that we were together is still in my mind.

I still remember your beautiful face, sweet smile

and we had given promises together.

I’m living without you, living alone.

My heart is empty, cold and sad like an empty house.

I only see you in my dreams, which makes me crazy.

I need you my love.

Here I am, open your arms…

I want to watch the sunset with you in Istanbul again.

Istanbul is the place where our love was born.

Istanbul! Tell me. Are you happy without me?

We postponed our dreams until next September.

sometimes I wonder whether this life is ungrateful

or are we unlucky?

One day we’ll be together again, I promise my love.

Because you’re my destiny and I’m your hero.

You cannot escape from me.

Here I am, open your arms.

Nestor from Venezuela reflects on a lost love.


My Lost LoveSeated on the sand I ask

for her warmth to be

with her, my body becoming one and together we see

the first star, and we

look at the see,

the infinite sea, so big, so immense…

and my idea to sail on

illusion’s ship…

so my first star, I ask

you my love.

Shu from Japan wrote this poem about the meaning of love.

The Meaning of LoveWhat is the meaning of “love?”

I don’t know the real meaning.

Maybe nobody knows the real meaning.

But everybody wants to know the meaning of “love.”

I think that love is believing.

Now, I think that

“Love” is almost like studying English

because the more I study,

the more interesting it is to study English.

Love is the same.

But “love” is more difficult than studying English

because studying more, I can find the answer.

But I don’t know the real answer,

the meaning of “love.”

Julio from Peru wrote this special poem for his wife.


Poem for My WifeWithout you my life is nothing

with you my life is everything.

Our love and friendship will be

the foundation of our home.

I love you with all my heart

my mind and my soul.

Abdullah from Saudi Arabia wrote this special poem for his wife.

My Lovely WifeTo you, and always my best wishes

and love for Valentine’s day.

I hope all your days will be full of happiness

and your dreams will come true.

Love you always

Your husband.

Turki from Saudi Arabia wrote a poem for someone at home.


Thinking of YouTo my Valentine

I miss you very much

I wish you were here with me in the States

I am going to be all alone on Valentine’s Day

I will be thinking of you.