Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Korea

Valentine’s Day is on February 14 in Korea. On that day, many girls and young women give candies to their boyfriends.

There is another special day like Valentine’s Day in Korea. We call that day ‘White Day.” White Day is on March 14. It is just the contrary of Valentine’s Day. Many boys and young men give chocolates to their girl friends. Some confess their love to their girlfriends on that day, so many young women look forward to it.

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Lots of shops display a variety of chocolates and candies before both Valentine’s Day and White Day. Downtown is crowded with many young people who want to enjoy those days.

But young people who had no girlfriend or boyfriend didn’t like those days because they spent them alone. So, they made another special day called ‘Black Day‘ for themselves.

Source: 90daykorean.com

Black Day is on April 14. On this day, they have Jajang noodles with their friends who are in the same situation. Jajang noodles are black, so that is why they call it Black Day. However, it is still not as popular as Valentine’s Day and White Day.