Learning about Valentine’s Day

Shen Yu discovered Valentine’s Day in America, is very different from in China. Shen Yu from China February 14th was Valentine’s Day. In America, this day is very different from in China. In China, it is only boyfriend’s and girlfriend’s day, but my teacher and my friends in America told me that Valentine’s Day is … Read more

Our Chinese New Year

I thought originally that I would have a lonely Spring Festival in the U.S. this year, but afterward I knew I was wrong. Instead of it, Shelly and I had a very happy and busy holiday. It is the right time for our Chinese New Year Eve on Friday. My friend Shelly and I were … Read more

The Yangko, A Traditional Dance from China

The Yangko Dance is a traditional Chinese folk dance created by the farmers when they worked in the rice field hundreds of years ago. Many Chinese people like the dance and take it as an important method of relaxing, no matter when there is a spring festival or when there are some special celebrations. Before … Read more