Is Atlantic City Better for Tourists Than Las Vegas – 2024 Guide

Las Vegas may be the most famous city in Nevada, but it’s not the only one. Atlantic City is also a great option for tourists, and in this article, we’ll outline some of the reasons why it’s better. So whether you’re looking for an affordable getaway or you want to see some of America’s greatest casinos and boardwalk attractions, read on to learn more.

What are the key factors to consider


When it comes to tourists, Atlantic City and Las Vegas are two of the most popular destinations in the United States. However, which city is better for tourists? There are a few key factors to consider when deciding which destination is best for your vacation.

Atlantic City has a much longer history as a tourist destination. It was first developed as a resort town in the late 1800s and became a major tourism center in the 1920s. The city has plenty of attractions, including casinos, beaches, shopping districts and entertainment options.

Las Vegas, on the other hand, emerged as a major tourist destination in the 1950s and has since grown into one of the world’s top travel destinations. This is due to its wide variety of attractions – from casinos and resorts to theme parks and golf courses – as well as its proximity to other major cities.

Ultimately, it depends on what you’re looking for when deciding which city is better for tourists. If you’re hoping to enjoy wild nightlife and dazzling casino featured attractions like wolfwinner, Las Vegas will be more suited for you. Likewise, if you’re looking for an all-encompassing travel experience with plenty of activities available outside of casinos, Atlantic City may be a better fit. In either case, research each city carefully before making your decision so that you can get the most out of your visit!

The Cost of Living


These are two popular tourist destinations that offer a wide variety of different things to do and see. However, when it comes to the cost of living, Atlantic City is much cheaper.

In 2017, the cost of living in Atlantic City was 52.4%, while the cost of living in Las Vegas was 77.2%. This means that you can save money on your food, housing, transportation, and other costs.

Additionally, the taxes are much lower than those in Las Vegas. A full-time worker making $50,000 in Las Vegas would pay approximately $4,500 in taxes annually, while a worker making the same amount in Atlantic City would only pay about $2,700 in taxes annually.

Another advantage is that the unemployment rate is lower than in Las Vegas. The unemployment rate in Atlantic City was 6.5% as of December 2018, while the unemployment rate in Las Vegas was 8.2%. This means that you will have less difficulty finding a job if you live in Atlantic City.

Las Vegas is newer and has more attractions, but Atlantic City is cheaper to live in. The cost of living in Atlantic City is about one-third the cost of living in Las Vegas.

Overall, though there are many differences between these two cities, it seems that Atlantic City might be a better choice for tourists who are looking for a less expensive place to live and enjoy all that it has to offer.

The Best Restaurants

The Best Restaurants

When it comes to dining, Atlantic City and Las Vegas have a lot in common. Both cities are home to a great variety of restaurants, from high-end establishments to affordable options. But which city has the best restaurants?

Here are five reasons why Atlantic City’s restaurants are superior:

  1. The availability of diverse cuisine. Atlantic City is home to a wide range of ethnic foods, including Indian, Chinese, Italian, French and Polish eateries. This diversity makes the city a great destination for food lovers of all tastes.
  2. The quality of food is top notch. Many of the city’s best restaurants serve delicious and upscale cuisine. Whether you’re looking for gourmet burgers or elaborate Italian dinners, you’ll be sure to find something to your liking.
  3. The prices are reasonable compared to other major cities. Compared to other popular tourist destinations like Las Vegas or New York City, the prices at most restaurants are very reasonable. This makes it easy for families and budget-minded individuals to enjoy a great meal without breaking the bank.
  4. The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting. From the lively music scene at many restaurants to the charming Victorian architecture found in many neighborhoods.
  5. The city has a great nightlife scene as well! From nightclubs and bars located on busy thoroughfares to more secluded spots perfect for intimate drinks with friends, this city has something for everyone when it comes to nighttime entertainment.

The Best Accommodations

When it comes to accommodations, Atlantic City and Las Vegas have a lot in common. Both cities offer world-class hotels and resorts that can accommodate virtually any type of traveler. However, there are a few key differences worth noting when deciding which city is best for you.



Although both cities can experience hot summers and cold winters, Atlantic City tends to have milder weather overall thanks to its location on the coast. This means you can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities without having to worry about extreme temperatures. Las Vegas, on the other hand, can get very hot and humid during summer months, so be sure to pack appropriately if planning on visiting during that time of year.

What to do on a Vacation in either city


While both cities have their own unique attractions, there are a few things to do in each city that would make a visit more enjoyable for tourists.

Atlantic City is known for its casinos and Boardwalk. The Boardwalk is a 1.7-mile stretch of casinos, amusement parks, restaurants, and shops along the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors can enjoy rides, games, and entertainment on the Boardwalk all day long.

Las Vegas is famous for its casinos, hotels, and entertainment options. There are more than 50 different types of shows available at resorts each year. These shows can range from traditional casino shows to Cirque du Soleil productions.


Las Vegas may be the industry leader when it comes to casino resorts and nightlife, but visitors should consider spending their time in Atlantic City instead. The city has a more relaxed vibe with plenty of attractions to keep visitors entertained without having to spend a fortune on gambling or nightclubs. Additionally, the city is only five hours from New York which makes it an easy destination for weekend getaways.