How Long Does It Take To Get RBS Certification – 2024 Guide?

From 1st July 2024, all Californian establishments serving alcohol and related beverages are subject to stringent rules. To continue serving alcohol, it is required that these servers have a current RBS or Responsible Beverage Service Certification.

Enrolling in an RBS training course approved by the state where one resides, one can now earn the RBS training certification. The approximate cost of the state-approved training program course is $13. Additionally, the students must perform well on the final state exam, which consists of 25 questions. The exam must be passed with a minimum score of 70%. The RBS certification is valid for three years.

Who Is Eligible For Certification?

Bartenders, servers, managers, daily license designees, security personnel, and anybody else doing any of the following tasks should attend the training:

  • Verifying customer identification
  • Taking orders for alcoholic beverages
  • Pouring drinks for customers
  • Bringing alcoholic drinks to customers
  • Social drinking is a common practice and creates unique considerations that servers need to manage.

In addition to delivering food and drinks, the server’s duty also includes other tasks, including:

  • Respect the various characteristics of the visitors
  • Continually deliver quality service
  • Maintain a positive, respectful attitude
  • Observe the suggestions and grievances
  • Fix issues while protecting the reputation of the business

The training aims to improve one’s skills as a server so one can manage challenging situations while preventing sales to minors and third parties, driving while intoxicated, and sales to customers who are already drunk. One will learn different techniques and abilities that can help strike a balance between offering exceptional customer service and ensuring that only legal alcohol is sold.


Are RBS Exams Difficult?

The RBS exam is manageable, but it is essential to understand the material. The open exam test means one has access to all the resources to pass. Using a training provider will ensure success as they can offer a PDF that can be downloaded and used during the exam.

What Is The Duration Of The Exam And Training?

Depending on the trainer, RBS training can last from one and a half hours to four hours. The exam length depends on how quickly one can complete it; however, most people finish them in a very short period.

The Exam Is Conducted In Which Languages?

The RBS Exam is currently only offered in English and Spanish.

Does A Business’s Management Personnel With A Licence Have To Be RBS Certified?

All staff at a business with an “ABC on Premise License” should be certified. Customers can buy and consume alcohol at an establishment with an on-premises license. All employees and managers must have certifications.

Should One Complete The RBS Course All At Once?

It is optional to take the course in its whole at once. During the course, one may take as many breaks as one like. Just be sure to log out before leaving the course. Every time finishing a module portion, the progress is saved automatically.

What Is The RBS Certification’s Duration?

RBS certification is valid for 36 months.

Why Is Compulsory Training Required In California?

Complulsory alcohol server training has lowered the number of accidents involving drivers and binge drinking costs the economy billions of dollars per annum, according to the state. The state thinks training benefits customers, bartenders, and the economy.


Who Looks After The Certification Program?

The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control is in charge of laws in California about alcohol and comparable beverages (ABC). The Service Training Program is developed and implemented by this authority. Remember that clients typically seek businesses that uphold certain ethical standards. Customers in the area frequently choose businesses or servers that engage the community safely.

What Does The Training Program Include?

The servers must register in an RBS Training course to legally offer alcoholic beverages. In addition to providing new career prospects in the bartending industry, this state-approved certification program instructs servers differently.

The training aims to help understand the client’s requirements and develop new relationships with them. Below is a list of some of the topics to understand:

  • The duties of the beverage server in their line of work
  • Guidelines for safe and responsible behavior while on the job
  • The effects of excessive alcohol use on society and the body
  • Alcohol’s harmful effects on the human body
  • The techniques and equipment required to prohibit offering alcohol to minors or drunken clients.

How Should One Approach To Qualify For The Exam?

Enrolling in an RBS program that has received state approval is one of the most crucial things to do. After finishing the training, sit for the state exam. One requires a minimum passing percentage of 70% and a maximum of three attempts every month. The California ABC department will issue a unique RBS certificate number on the official RBS webpage after qualifying for the exam.

This number will demonstrate the certification program’s validity during any investigation or inspection. They could be penalized if the company or employee doesn’t have an RBS Certificate. One may also select an online RBS training program. One can finish these courses at leisure because this learning process is self-paced. The fundamental level often takes many students two or more hours to complete.


What Information To Remember Before Taking The Exam?

  • Before taking the ABC exam, a person must finish an approved RBS course and submit their application online.
  • The cost of giving the exam is covered by the $3 fee the ABC levies during application enrolment.
  • Passing the ABC Exam is required for certification.
  • After finishing the RBS course, a person has a month to take the ABC Exam.
  • There are 50 questions in the exam.
  • A minimum of 35 questions must be answered properly (or 70% correctly) to pass the ABC Exam.
  • The candidate will have three chances to pass the ABC Exam. A certified RBS course must be taken again if the person fails after three chances.

How Beneficial Is The Training Program?

Yes! An RBS Certification can distinguish one’s company from competitors. It demonstrates how important one’s business is in maintaining society’s safety and security. A business can become more productive and efficient. An RBS training program can assist in dealing with the current dysfunctionalities of the business and build creative solutions by incorporating best practices.


Businesses and organizations that provide alcoholic beverage services are the stakeholders who offer RBS training programs. As a result, only occasionally will the employees or trainees be required to pay for this program. If one intends to offer drinks and alcoholic beverages, be ready to comply with the new state regulations. Visit the official RBS portal to learn more about the RBS certification program and the rules for serving alcoholic beverages.