Photo Essay: That’s Cheating!

Seong-Ah Kim and Seung-Hye Leeshow how easy it is for students to write the test answers on notes and pass the notes to one another.

Piboon Choklerdpatana and Nelma Toledo Mendonca demonstrate the technique of using signals to cheat. Angela Teixeira and Seung-Hye Lee have their eyes on their own papers.


Angela Teixeira shows how some students write test answers on their arms and hide them by wearing long sleeves. During the test, they push up the sleeve and copy
the answers

Kung-Yi Chen demonstrates how easily students can copy answers that they have carefully written out on crib sheets (cheat sheets) before the exam.

José Guillermo Davila and Sadiq Hasoon demonstrate how skillfully students can copy from one another’s papers during an exam.


Seung-Hye Lee, Graciela Flores Alvarez, Seong-Ah Kim, Martha Leverett, Kung-yi Chen, Angela Teixeira, José Guillermo Davila, and Sadiq Hasoon show how common cheating is nowadays.