The Teacher Caught Me Cheating

When I was in my last year of high school, I had a tough test in physics. The night before I went to a party, so I didn’t study. Of course, I got home too late to study.

Well, the next morning I woke up and realized that I had that test, so on the way to school I tried to study, but it didn’t help. I couldn’t remember anything. I thought about cheating by putting everything into my calculator; however, I decided to write something down on a paper instead.


When I went into the classroom to take the test, I was very confident. During the test, I needed the piece of paper on which I written the answers. Unfortunately, at the very moment I looked at the paper, my teacher sat down next to me and caught me cheating. She took my test and told me that I had failed it.

I was really embarrassed, especially because the teacher was a friend of mine. I’m sure that I learned something important from that incident.