Academic Dishonesty (Cheating) Is Cheating on the Rise?

Some students use all kinds of cheating techniques, from copying answers from another student to using sophisticated technology. Is cheating becoming more common?

Ways Students Cheat on Exams
Anotai Udomwittayakrai from Thailand

Consequences of Cheating
Olga Lucia Botero from Colombia

Students Have to Learn, Not Cheat
Dorothea Baerthlein from Germany

He Got Caught Cheating!
Tatsiana Anop from Belarusia


The Teacher Caught Me
Andres Tocornal from Venezuela

Photo Essay:
That’s Cheating!
Students demonstrate cheating

How to say it:
Language to discuss academic dishonesty: Idioms and expressions

Using the Language:
Cheating Scenarios:
Imaginary cheating incidents