Common Ways Students Cheat on Exams

Mostly, students feel that their teachers give them a hard time when they have to take a test. Their teachers always give them problems that are too difficult. It seems like they don’t want their students to pass the tests. Therefore, it is very common that most students find ways to help them pass the exams or change their grades from “F” to “A”. Here are some common cheating methods that some students use.


Maybe you have already heard of the first method—the long-sleeved shirt method. This way works well in winter. Before a test, they write all the important information on their arms. Then they put on long-sleeved shirts to cover their arms. During the test, when the teacher isn’t getting a good look at them, they roll up their sleeves and start copying. If the teacher doesn’t call on them, it means they got away with it.

Student writes information on hand on exam

For math and science exams, there is another method of cheating on an exams—desk notes. Before the exam, they write the necessary formulas—as many as possible—on the desk. If the teacher comes by during the test, the students just push their answer sheets or paper over all of the formulas that are on the desk. This approach is very simple.

Another method is the buddy system. This is an old method that is still popular among students who cheat. They always sit next to a friend who knows tons of things to take the test. After this helper finishes doing his/her exam, he/she will sit back and hold his/her exam up so the students who sit next to or behind him/her can clearly see the answers and hurry up and copy them


Besides these methods, they still find other ways. Actually, their cheating method will always change once their teachers know how they cheat. However, if everybody would study hard and concentrate on their studies, I am sure that they wouldn’t need any cheating methods because the exam questions over the lessons they study can not be too complicated. Let’s stop cheating and pay attention to our studies. You won’t need to change your grades from “F” to “A” because you are going to get only “A’s” and “B’s”, or at least “C’s”. That’s it. It’s an easy solution.