International Recipes From Students In Australia

Saksak (Sweet Sago Dumplings)

Susan Collier From Papua New Guinea

This dish is eaten at home; it can be a lunch or a dinner dish. It is special for people living along the coastal area of Papua New Guinea. I like it because I grew up eating it. Children love it. I like to prepare it whenever I have the ground sago.

Ingredients needed to make these dumplings:

  • 6 cups of ground sago
  • 4 ripe bananas mashed
  • a couple of banana leaves
  • coconut milk of 6 coconuts

Method of preparing the dumplings:

  1. Mix the ground sago and the 4 ripe bananas together well
  2. Heat the banana leaves over the fire to soften them.
  3. Cut the banana leaves into little rectangular pieces and wrap the sago in these pieces.
  4. Pop the wrapped sago into boiling hot water in a pot. Let these boil for about 20 minutes.
  5. Prepare another pot of creamed coconut milk. Squeeze the milk out of the 6 coconuts and boil this milk until it comes to boiling point.
  6. Take the sago out of the boiling water, unwrap it from the banana wrap and drop the sago into the boiling coconut milk.
  7. Let cook for another 20 minutes.

Tips for preparing them successfully:

If done properly, you should have little rectangular-shaped sago dumplings. If you don’t have banana leaves, you can use aluminum foil.