A World of Food – International Recipes

Market places International market places—indoor and outdoor—traditional and modern Global tastes A variety of foods from around the globe provide new tastes and eating adventures Viktualien Markt is in München, Germany and offer excellent food. Check it out! The tortilla Espanola is a favorite in Spain. Find the recipe here! Street Food Worldwide Food Stands are popular in every … Read more

International Recipes From Students In Australia

Saksak (Sweet Sago Dumplings) Susan Collier From Papua New Guinea This dish is eaten at home; it can be a lunch or a dinner dish. It is special for people living along the coastal area of Papua New Guinea. I like it because I grew up eating it. Children love it. I like to prepare … Read more

International Recipes from Students in Australia

Alicha (Meat Stew) Tesfanesh Abate from Ethiopia Ageresh Abate and Awoke Abate, also from Ethiopia, helped prepare the dish! Alicha is like a stew or casserole, and the Ethiopian name for this is a wat. Stews are very popular in my country. Alicha, a more delicately seasoned Wat (stew), contains no berbere(chili). It is often eaten at home, and … Read more