A World of Food – International Recipes

Market places

International market places—indoor and outdoor—traditional and modern

Global tastes

A variety of foods from around the globe provide new tastes and eating adventures

Viktualien Markt is in München, Germany and offer excellent food. Check it out!

The tortilla Espanola is a favorite in Spain. Find the recipe here!

Street Food Worldwide

Source: lovicarious.com

Food Stands are popular in every country, but the type of food stand varies from country to country, depending on the local foods and tastes—hot foods, sandwiches, fruits, ice creams and special drinks

Cooking utensils

Making tea in a samovar is a traditional way to prepare tea in Russia.

Restaurant reviews

Student reviews of their favorite restaurants in Vermont and Texas.

Students write about outdoor restaurants and cafes in their countries.

Food trends

Source: gffoodservice.com.au

German, Japanese, and Korean student share thoughts on food trends

Sharing – Try our recipes!

A group of international students in Australia share their favorite recipes for foods from their countries.

A “boat” of sushi is served in a Japanese restaurant in Burlington, Vermont.

Outdoor places

Outdoor cafés and restaurants have their own special charm.

Food stories

International students share thoughts about food: eating ice cream, learning to like chicken again, and learning to cook