Shichi-go-san Festival Seven-five-three Ceremony

Chifuyu Omma from Japan

A place in my memory is a shrine. In Japan, November 15 is Shichi-Go-San (seven, five, three) ceremony.

That means girls at seven years, boys at five years, and boys and girls at three years are celebrated at a shrine to show appreciation for good growth and wishes for better growth for future.


When I was three years old, I also went to a shrine with my mother and her friend. A Shinto priest at the shrine gave the children omiki, which is like rice wine.

When I drank it, I thought it tasted very good. So I told him, “Give me another one, please!” Nobody spoke, and my mother behind me was surprised and embarrassed.

This is a very embarrassing memory, but at the same time it was my first experience drinking alcohol. After that I stayed away from alcoholic drinks!