Different Concepts of Romance: America & Traditional Japan

Noriko Watanabe says that Americans plan romantic activities; whereas, Japanese do not. There are many different concepts of romance between Americans and traditional Japanese. There are different ways in which they show their affections, such as by giving gifts, creating romantic situations and planning romantic activities. First, Americans often present gifts to their lovers in … Read more

Celebrating the New Year in Japan

I will explain a traditional Japanese New Year. Nowadays, although young people go somewhere with their friends during the long New Year holidays, many families still enjoy it with families and relatives. So, at the very end of the old year and the beginning of the new year, it is very crowed in trains, in … Read more

Cherry Blossom Season Chifuyu Omma From Japan

In Japan, there are four seasons in a year, so we can see many kinds of flowers each season. The best one among them would be the season of cherry blossoms. At the beginning of April, cherry blossoms are in full bloom. At this time, the weather reporters inform us of a cherry blossom front … Read more

Shichi-go-san Festival Seven-five-three Ceremony

Chifuyu Omma from Japan A place in my memory is a shrine. In Japan, November 15 is Shichi-Go-San (seven, five, three) ceremony. That means girls at seven years, boys at five years, and boys and girls at three years are celebrated at a shrine to show appreciation for good growth and wishes for better growth … Read more

Coming of Age Ceremony Hiroko Yamane from Japan

January 15th is Seijin-no-hi, the Coming-of-Age ceremony, in Japan. On that day, Japanese people celebrate being 20 years old as reaching adulthood, like 21 years old in America. When I had this ceremony. I wore a “kimono.” A kimono is a traditional Japanese dress. Commonly most Japanese do not wear it now, but many women … Read more