Momo No Sekku: Girls’ Festival In Japan Maki Kubo From Japan

March 3rd is Girls’ Festival in Japan. The day is not an official holiday, but when I was a child, the day was one of the most interesting days for me.

My parents gave me King and Queen dolls that were called Hina dolls. These dolls were displayed for only two or three days, so I looked for them every year.


That day, I could dress up and put on make up. It was uncommon for children to use make up; however I could do it as the day was special day. I used my mother’s lipstick, perfume, and everything that my mother had. Oh!! It was wonderful for me!

My mother made special dishes, and the girls’ party began. My friends who were girls and I sang a song, ate wonderful dishes, and drank a weak saki drink that was called sweety alcohol. My father always presented for me a lot of flowers. In addition, I did not need to do homework!! Therefore, Girls’ Festival was one of the favorite ceremonies for me. I remember the wonderful memories whenever Girls’ Festival is coming.