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Balero - Cup and Ball Game

Jackson Santos Aparicio from Mexico

The Balero is a traditional Mexican toy. It is a kind of cup and ball toy that children liked to play with in the past.

Photo: Sandy Peters
Some traditional, brightly-colored wooden baleros

Traditional baleros were made of wood and were very colorful.

This toy has two parts: one part is a wooden stick that is a handle.

The other part is like a cup. It has a hole in the center. The two parts are connected with a string.

How many players
Many children can play, but each child needs to have a balero.

How the game is played
The player holds the handle and throw the cup up in the air. Then he has to catch it with the stick. The stick has to go into the hole when the cup comes down.

It is not easy to catch the ball on the stick. When children play with a balero a lot, they can develop agility. They can learn to do special tricks and compete. The player who has the best tricks wins.

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