Piedra, Papel o Tijeras – Rock, Paper, Scissors

Maura Azucena Sanchez Lopez from Mexico

Piedra, Papel, o tijeras is a fun game for young children. It is usually played by two children who are six years old or older, but it can also be played by three players

What you need

You don’t need anything special to play this game. Children use their hands and fingers to play.

How the game is played

Rock, paper, scissors

Children use their hands and fingers to make gestures. An open hand is paper. A fist is a rock. Two fingers held out and separated are scissors. They put their hands behind them to make gestures.

They count to three and then quickly hold out their hands to show their gestures. The combination of gestures decides the winner. Paper covers a rock, so paper wins. A rock breaks sissors, so the rock wins. Scissors cut paper. so scissors win.

It is exciting to be the winner. Everyone laughs and a new game begins. This is a fun game for young children to play.