La Gallinita Ciega – A Game of Tag

Imelda Concepcion Lopez Lopez from Mexico

La Gallinita Ciega (The Blind Hen) is a very popular children’s game in Mexico.

It’s played outdoors because it is a very active game.

Number of players

Three or more players are needed to play this game.

What you need to play

a blind man buff

You don’t need anything special to play this game, just something to cover the eyes of the child who is the blind hen (la gallinita ciega).

How the game is played

First, the players choose a player who will be the blind hen (la gallinita ciega).

Then they cover the hen’s eyes with a blindfold and spin him/her around. The hen has to try to find all the other players, but cannot see them.

The other players make noise and say things like: “Here I am. You can’t catch me!” Then they run away from the hen.

The hen has to follow the noise to find the other children and tag them.

When the hen catches a player, he takes off the blindfold and puts it on the player that he caught. That player is the new “blind hen.”

The game continues until the players decide to stop.