La Cuerda – Jump Rope – Popular Mexican Game

Nallely Ayala Sanchez from Mexico

La Cuerda has always been very popular in Mexico. Many children like to jump rope. Children have to move a lot when they play jump rope games, so they play outdoors.

Number of Players

Jump Rope

You need three or more players who are five to twelve years old to play jump rope games. Many children like to jump rope alone because it is a lot of fun.

What you need

You only need a jump rope to play.

How the game is played

One player holds one end of the rope and another player holds the other end of the rope. The players hold the rope tight. Then they raise it and start to turn it.

Then the players must jump over the rope. A player jumps until he makes a mistake. Then another player takes a turn.

The players who are holding the rope can turn it faster. This makes the game more fun.

A player who is holding the rope can change positions with a player who is jumping.

The game continues until the players are tired or do not want to play anymore.