Atrapadas – A Game of Catch or Tag – How to Play

Berenice J. Alverdin Espinoza from Mexico

Atrapadas, or catch, is a traditional game that can be played by many children. This game is fun because you can run a lot. It can be played by friends, classmates or family It can be played in a garden or in any large outdoor place with space, for example, in a schoolyard or in a park.

Number of players

You need approximately 5 to 7 children who are 7 to 12 years old. The game is more amusing with many players

How the game is played

Tag game

One player is “it” and has to catch the other children who run all over the place. When the person who is “it” catches a child, he puts the child in a room which is the jail. He has to catch and put all the children in jail. The game is finished when he puts them all in jail. Then another player takes a turn and the game begins again.