El Patio de Mi Casa – A Singing Game | How To Play

Adriana Guadalupe Lucero Arrendondo from Mexico

El Patio de Mi Casa, is a traditional children’s game in Mexico. You need four or more players to play this game.

It is good game for very young children who are four to eight years old.

The game is played outdoors, and you don’t need anything special to play it.

How the game is played

Diversity Group Of Kids Holding Hands in Circle
Source: empoweredparents.co

All the children hold hands and form a circle and walk around singing this song in Spanish:

El patio de mi casa es muy particular.
Se moja y se seca como los demás.

Agáchense y vuélvanse agachar.
Las niñas bonitas se vueven agachar.”

When the song is finished, all the children have to get down on the floor. The last child who gets down on the floor is the child who loses the game.