Avión (Bebe Leche) – Hopscotch | How To Play?

Avión is a traditional game in Mexico that can be played by children of all ages. This game is fun when there are a lot of players.

Number of players

To play the game of Avión, you need at least 2 or 3 players.

What you need

Hopscotch and chalk

You need chalk, a piece of coal, or a white stone to draw a grid in the courtyard or on the ground. You also need a ball of paper, a small rag or a small stone.

How the game is played

You have to draw ten squares and a circle to form an airplane shapeThat is why the game is called Avión.

After you draw the airplane, the first player throws a paper, rag, or stone in the first square.

Then he hops in all the hopscotch squares to the circle and hops back and picks up the paper.

The second player throws the paper in the second square. He hops in all the squares to the circle. Then he hops back and picks up his paper.

Each player takes a turn. When they are playing, they must not step on a line.