A La Vibora de la Mar – London Bridges | A Singing Game

Imelda Concepcion Lopez Lopez from Mexico

A La Vibora de la Mar, is a popular game for very young children. It is a game where they play and sing a song.

How the game is played

A La Vibora de la Mar game
Source: asisejuega.com

In the game, A La Vibora de la Mar, the children form a line and the two tallest children join hands and hold them up to form a high bridge.

The two players choose names. For example, one might choose the name “Watermelon” and the other one might choose the name “Melon.”

The other children pass under the bridge and begin to sing a song. The song is repeated two or three times.

A la ví’bora
de la mar, de la mar
Por aquí pueden pasar;
los de adelante corren mucho
Y los atras se quedaran,
Tra’s, tra’s, tra’s.

When the song ends (the last “tras”), the two tall children drop their arms and catch the child who is passing under the bridge at that time.

They ask the child if he has trapped who he wants to go with, Watermelon or Melon? If the child chooses Melon, he forms a new bridge with Melon. If he chooses Watermelon, he forms a new bridge with Watermelon.

Then the game begins again.