Jugar a Yoyo – Playing with a Yoyo

Lizbeth Trujillo Ramos from Mexico

Yoyos are popular toys around the world, and children in Mexico like to play with them, too. This toy is made of two round parts that are the same size. A short stick connects the two parts. A string about one meter long is wound around the stick.

There is a small loop at the end of the string for the child’s finger. A traditional yoyo is made of wood, but today many yoyos are made of plastic.

How many players

A child can play alone, but two or more players are needed if children want to compete.

What you need

Source: unsplash.com

Each player has to have a yoyo.

How to play with a yoyo

A player holds the yoyo and puts his finger in the loop at the end of the string. He throws the yoyo and tries to make it spin up and down the string. The player who spins it up and down the most times is the winner. Players can also learn to do special tricks with a yoyo. Then the player who does the best trick wins.