Maximizing Comfort and Style With the Right Bathroom Towels: A Guide to Materials

Bath towels are the most neglected and underrated thing in our home. We all need it daily to maintain the hygiene of our bodies. When we purchase food or skin care items, we either consume them or apply them to our bodies; we give attention to them. 

But when we buy bathroom towels, we just randomly purchase them from the market without considering their fabric or style. To maintain body hygiene, you must know its fabric, size, type, and comfort. 


To make towels, various materials are used. Some of the examples are discussed below. 

  • Cotton
  • Turkish Or Egyptian Cotton
  • Cotton Blended With Polyester  
  • Lyocell 
  • Linen
  • Bamboo
  • Synthetic Microfibers
  • Modal


The most common raw material used to generate bath towels is cotton because it’s a natural product and chemical free. Its fibers are water resistant, and air can easily pass through to its fiber, so it’s breathable. Cotton is a smooth material because it doesn’t irritate your skin. Lots of advantages of cotton material, so it is popularly used. 

Turkish Or Egyptian Cotton

This material is counted in premium quality. They have long threads which absorb moisture from the body significantly easier and make it silky. With each wash, it will get softer, fluffier, and more absorbent. They are counted as luxurious but expensive. 

Cotton Blended With Polyester

This is the second most used fabric to make towels after cotton. They have superb style and color options available, so they are beautiful. Due to their color fastness property, they never get fad and are never damaged in color. This material is also breathable and efficiently absorbent. Due to their blended composition, they are outstanding in hand feel and durable. This material is used for making baths and hand towels. 



It is a soft raw fabric created from eco-friendly wood sources. They are widely used to develop premium-quality towels. Due to their softness, they are gentle on the skin. Like cotton material, this material also has good moisture absorbance quality. To make bath towels, sometimes a lyocell-cotton blend combination is also used. 


Today, this is the first raw material used to make towels. Naturally, it has some in-built properties like anti-static and anti-microbial properties. It has good characteristics like durability and dries very quickly. It is an eco-friendly material, just like cotton. It takes a very tiny place in your bathroom and has good absorbent quality. It is widely used to make bathroom and kitchen towels. 


This is one more raw material with which the towels made are very soft and silky. Due to their soothing and smooth nature, they are used to make luxurious kitchen and bath towels. This has good moisture absorbance quality and also has moisture-wicking properties.

Synthetic Microfibers

To create synthetic microfibers, polyester or polyamide or their mixtures are used. They are smaller in diameter than silk and dry quickly. They are small and compact and also have good absorbance capacity. Due to their qualities, they are widely used by travelers, beachgoers, hikers, and gymnasts.


This material is not gaining popularity but growingly also day by day. They are made of cellulose from Beech trees. It is an excellent option because they are good absorbent and do not get fade quickly.



The unit of measurement of towel density is Gram Per Square Meter (GSM). If the towels are absorbent, heavier, and softer, then that has a higher GSM. The price increases with the higher GSM. It ranges from 300 to 900. Look for examples for each weight:  

300 To 400 GSM

These are lightweight and found in hotels since they are lighter than the higher GSM towels. They are not good absorbent and irritate your skin, giving it a rough feel. However, they have one unique quality; they dry quickly, so they are valuable for the gym. They dry in 15 minutes. 

400 To 620 GSM

These are medium in weight and dry very soon. They are attractive options for beach and bath towels. They are soft and absorbent. 

620 To 900 GSM

These are heavy and expensive, so they are counted as premium quality. They give you warmth

when you feel them on your skin. They take hours to dry. 


Best Bath Towels For Your Style And Comfort  

There is a wide variety of bath towels used nowadays. Let’s discuss different types of bath towels that can improve your style and comfort.

Turkish Bath Towel

These are luxurious without being too heavy at 700 GSM. They are made from 100% Turkish cotton and are available in different attractive colors. These have been referred to as everything from the “greatest purchase ever” to the “ideal bath towel.”

Waffle Bath Towel

They are very lightweight, approximately 240 GSM. They provide incredible comforts like bathrobes and pajamas. They come in stunning colors, like the newest terra cotta colors. 

Plush Bath Towel

This huge fluffy spa-style gives you a feel like a blanket. They give you a soothing and relaxing feeling. This 820 GSM makes a very weighted bath towel for your bathroom. They are available in various colors in the market, like traditional neutrals, ranging from vivid pine to a beautifully tranquil ocean blue.

Ribbed Bath Towels

They are widely used in spas, ideally a blend of waffle and plush towels. They are incredibly comfortable with fluffy fabric and highly moisture-absorbent. 

Lightweight Bath Towels

Plush towels are super soft but too heavy; these towels are just 320GSM. They are made up of 100% Turkish cotton. 

Absorbent Bath Towel 

This is the best sponge towel. It is available in dozens of different colors. They are excellent absorbents, but they dry very slowly. 

Quick Dry Bath Towel 

These absorb fast and dry quickly. They are made up of a cotton polyester blend of microfibres. This is soft cotton with quick dry quality. 

Natural Cotton Towels

Even though more significant retailers are switching to organic cotton, an eco-friendly source. This is very fluffy and produced from 100 percent organic Turkish cotton, as its name suggests. 

Children’s Bath Towel

Cool towels for kids help in the bath/bedtime routine with your children feel like an absolute adventure. These patterns, which range from dinosaurs to superheroes, not only make bath time enjoyable, but the 100% cotton terrycloth is also incredibly absorbent, including the hood, which reduces drying time. 



There are a few things to consider while looking for a high-quality bathroom towel. Choose the material; it must be soft and absorbent; cotton is the best. Consider the size and shape of the towel that will best meet your needs after choosing the material. 

The next step is to select the proper color to coordinate with the other bathroom furnishings. Your bathroom’s appearance will improve as a result of these choices. Your bathroom will look fantastic, and your selected material will make you feel lavish.