Traditional Children’s Games: Games for Toddlers

We all played simple games when we were very young. Here are three games that international students from Germany, Switzerland, and Korea played as toddlers (very young children). Toddlers like to play with pots and pans. A pot on the head of one foot in the pot s a lot of fun! 1. Topfschlagen (Hit the Pot) Carolyn Behne … Read more

Movies We Have Enjoyed Seeing – The Truman Show

A crazy project, a terrible idea to film a guy as soon as he was born and to build around him a huge studio set that looks like a town. Director: Peter Weir Type: Drama, Fantasy Actors: Jim Carrey (Truman Burbank) Laura Linney (Meryl) Noah Emmerich (Marlon) Natascha McElhone (Lauren/Sylvia) Holland Taylor (Truman’s mother) Brian Delate (Truman’s Father) … Read more

A Wedding in Vietnam

Ngoc Dinh-Quang Pham from Vietnam Organizing a wedding is very important for a couple because it’s an event that happens once in their life. So, the prepare carefully for the marriage ceremony. One day before the ceremony, both families build a frame made from coconut leaves in front of their houses. On the top of … Read more

Celebrating Christmas in Venezuela

Maricira Marcano from Venezuela There is also a special tradition of decorating with a Pecebre, or manger. The most important part of the Pecebre is the baby Jesus with his mother and father. We put the baby in the Pecebre at 12:00 midnight. In Venezuela, we celebrate Christmas on December 24th. Our tradition is to … Read more

The Greedy Farmer

A Traditional Turkish Folktale This traditional Turkish folktale tells the story of a greedy man who is never satisfied with what he has. The more he gets, the more he wants. There was a farmer in a village. He was very ambitious. He wanted to make more and more money. In the spring time, when … Read more

Día de Los Muertos in Mexico (Halloween)

Halloween in Mexico (called Los Dias de los Muertos in Spanish) is a different celebration from Halloween in all the other countries. Even though, it’s the day of death in Mexico, death brings laughter, and in that celebration, the Mexican people play with death, making people laugh. The celebration includes jokes, parties, dancing, music, and … Read more

Traditional Children’s Games: Games Played with Balls

In countries around the world, children love playing games with balls. Playing these games, they learn to handle the ball in different ways and develop special skills. In the process, they have a lot of fun. A student from Colombia describes a traditional game played in her country called Oba and a student from Mexico describes a traditional game called Keep the … Read more

Special Memories of Christmas & New Year’s

Piedad Quintas from Ecuador I remember a sad Christmas when I was a little child in 1980. First, my brother got sick a few days before Christmas day and had to stay in a children’s hospital about one week. My father didn’t have a job, and my mother was pregnant with her last child. My … Read more