Nikujaga, A Special Dish from Japan

When I think about Nikujaga, I remember my home, and I start to think seriously about going back to Japan. This dish is not served in restaurants in Japan. Mothers usually cook it, and each family has its own version. Sometimes, even the ingredients are different in each family, so it makes me think about my home.

It is not difficult to cook Nikujaga, but it is difficult to make it taste delicious. I think most Japanese like this dish. If I can cook this well, I may be able to be a good mother.

How to cook Nikujaga: What you need and what you do


  • Thin slices of beef, potato, carrot and onion
  • some sake (Japanese alcohol)
  • mirin (a Japanese seasoning)
  • oil
  • sugar
  • soy sauce

How much of each ingredient? It’s up to your taste.



First, cut the vegetables. Next, fry the meat and vegetables in oil. Then add sake and pour in water, mirin, and sugar. Boil this mixture 8 minutes. Add the soy sauce and boil again until the vegetables become soft.