What Equipment Do You Really Need For A Home Gym?

Many people aspire to build gyms in their homes. A home gym has several advantages over a commercial one. The biggest advantage is personalization; when you have a gym in your own house, you can get specific instruments that cater to your personal needs.

Likewise, having a gym in your own house saves a lot of commute time. Moreover, it gives you much-needed privacy that you may not have in a commercial space. Getting your personal gym ready is not a difficult task. You can order all the fitness equipment online and start working out as soon as you are ready.

Some Common Fitness Equipment That Are Most Suitable For A Home Gym

An Exercise Mat Or A Yoga Mat

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You may not find an exercise mat or a yoga mat in your regular gym, but you can have one when you are designing a gym for your own home. Exercise mats are great for providing support to your spin.

They reduce the friction between your hands and legs and the floor when you exercise. So if you are performing squats, burpees, or push-ups, the exercise mat will make sure that your limbs have the minimum friction to prevent slippages.

An exercise mat is quite cheap and is a great buy for a home gym. One of the greatest challenges that you face while buying fitness equipment for your home is space constraints. In a residential apartment, you can dedicate at most one room for your fitness equipment. So a yoga mat is a great buy as you can easily fold it and store it in a cupboard.

Also, if you wish to remain fit by means of exercises and not by using fancy machines then a yoga mat will definitely be required.

Stretch Bands

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Stretch bands are also known as resistance bands, and they are great for exercising any muscle in the body. These bands look like simple elastic bands that come in fancy colors, yet they are the first choice of many athletes.

The principle by which these bands work is they make a muscle move against the tension of the band. When a muscle is made to work out against the resistance of the band, the muscle becomes stronger.

Almost all muscles of the body can be strengthened using a stretch band. However, there are different types of bands based on the purpose that you need them for. Some bands are great for rehabilitative purposes; they are known as therapy bands.

They are to be used if you have had a muscle or a bone injury and are trying to regain mobility. Again, there are bands that are shaped like the number eight. The shape of these bands provides a good grip which is essential for certain kinds of exercises.

A Pair Of Dumbbells

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When you visit a commercial center you will get dumbbells of various weights. However, when you are buying equipment for your home, you do not have the budget or the space to buy multiple weights.

The weights in a dumbbell can be broadly classified into three weight categories. They are the lightweight category, medium-weight category, and those that are required for heavy-weight training.

Unless you are a beginner or an expert bodybuilder, it is better to get weight in the medium weight category. So a weight of around ten to twelve kilograms is good for regular usage.

However, if you have the budget, you can get a dumbbell that can accommodate variable weights. With these, you can keep adding and removing weights as per your liking. When you have such variable-weight dumbbells, then you can train for all the weight categories without having to invest in multiple dumbbells.

Dumbbells are great for building endurance. This means that the stronger your muscles become, the longer you will be able to use the weights. Dumbbells also help build the strength of your muscles. This means that with time you will be able to lift heavier weights.

Gliding Discs

These discs look much like the frisbee discs that you play with. The purpose of these discs is to rest your hands and legs while you glide. The gliding motion is quite useful in strengthening all the major muscles in your body.

Basically, when you engage in a gliding motion, you stretch the muscles of your body, and this builds core strength and flexibility over time. They are also good for developing balance because when you stretch and hold your position for quite some time, your balance improves.

Tiny discs that look like frisbees are good for storage purposes and they are also quite affordable.


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These look like a ball that has been attached to a handle. The weight of the ball varies, and its purpose is to strengthen your muscles. When you lift the weight by using the handle, you can strengthen your shoulder, abdominal and back muscles.

Many people believe that this equipment is also good for developing a good posture and they not only strengthen muscles but also stimulates bone development.

Again choosing the right kind of weight is necessary. It is advisable that a weight of six to eight kilograms is good for women, and a weight of fourteen to sixteen kilograms is good for men.

Also, if your intention is to strengthen less used muscles, then go for a lighter weight. But if you wish to work on frequently used muscles like the biceps, then go for a heavier load.


If you rely heavily on an exercise-based regime, the simple things like an exercise mat or a gliding disc can be of great help. These pieces of equipment consume relatively less space and are less heavy in comparison to a bench press. Moreover, these are inexpensive and easy to procure from an online store.

Also, when you are training at home, you may not get expert advice from a trainer. So make sure that you do not overdo anything that may result in a muscle tear or a more severe injury.