How to Overcome Common Obstacles and Challenges in Engineering Project Management

Managing an engineering project can be challenging. In fact, you can even compare it with solving a Rubik’s cube. It is so because you have to keep track of several things simultaneously, and you also have to think about the results and how long it will take to complete them. You might face some the challenges, such as communication, goals, etc.

Below are some of the common obstacles with the solutions to overcome them.

Effective Communication


Communication is a critical factor that is a deciding factor in any project. Communication ensures that every member participates in the process and guarantees success. However, there are high chances of miscommunication as teams might be scattered or doing remote work, which interferes with teamwork.

This might result in conflicts and can cause delays. However, the most effective way to manage this is to have Engineering planning software that ensures that every member is well-informed and increases the team’s accountability. These platforms allow the members to comment, prioritize assignment capabilities, etc. Also, it enables real-time collaboration, which helps the teammates to interact, discuss, complain, and share ideas.

Define Goals And Objectives

Defining goals and objectives plays a crucial role in project management. However, even though it is vital, it can be challenging too. The team members and project manager may not be sure what to expect from the project. But, if the goals and objectives are appropriately stated, it might lead to success. There will be uncertainty, and members might need clarification about why and when the project will be.

There are two approaches to overcoming this problem, CLEAR and SMART. SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

CLEAR: Collaborative, Limited, Emotional, Appreciable, and Refinable. Project managers can use any techniques and set goals to manage the team. Also, you can divide the goals into segments, give them to team members, and ask them to complete them.


Scope Creep

In project management, scope creep issue is one of the common ones. It means the project gets changed mid-way from what was initially agreed upon. It does happen frequently, and many project managers have said that scope creep is prevalent. Scope creep can occur due to unclear goals, lack of precision, requirements, customer requirements, and changes in market conditions.

But when handled properly, it will be fine. For example, suppose a client changes the design in the middle of the project to understand it better. This will affect the goals, budgets, and objectives. However, it can be easy to manage this scope creep if, at the beginning of the project, everything was considered regarding the budget, funds, etc. Managers can avoid scope creep in any business by being proactive when they are mapping the project.

Lack Of Accountability

Accountability and responsibility are primary rules when a team is working on a project. Every member has a role to play, and they have to take responsibility too. Every project management member’s team is essential to accomplishing a project’s goals. So, it becomes vital that the manager must establish an accountability level for each member. A lack of accountability can affect the potential of the project.

So, how can we deal with this issue? Well, it is the duty of the project manager to explain to the stakeholders and team members what their role will be and how they should report the progress during the meeting. Having software makes it easy to manage this, as there will be one place where the team members can communicate effectively. Also, it is crucial to explain to them how each team member’s task affects the other.

It’s essential to keep in mind that a project team consists of several people that have different roles, styles, skill sets, etc. When working together on a project, it is efficient that all team members work together and contribute productively.

Allocation Of Resources


Allocation of resources is one of the significant challenges when it comes to project management. Several project managers have to work with a limited budget, and they have to deliver their best. There might be a possibility that they struggle with budget allocation or resources. So, it becomes difficult for them to decide who to give the work to, and it should be done in a way that is under budget, and it guarantees quality output. So, how to deal with this problem?

First, it is better to have a management program where you will have all your goals and objectives stated clearly after they have seen that the project managers can see who has the potential skill set. How many contractors and vendors will be required, and if that come under the budget too? Also, the manager can analyze whether it is required to hire outside agencies or if internal resources will be fine.

Unrealistic Deadlines

One can set unrealistic deadlines that are unreasonable and not attainable due to several factors, such as budget constraints. However, sometimes competition, customer pressure, etc., can lead to unrealistic deadlines. But this is one of the mistakes that project managers must avoid when there are unrealistic deadlines that lead to missed deadlines, subpar work, etc.

Managing the client’s expectations in dealing with the issue is vital. One can check the project data, how it was executed, what steps were taken, and in how much time. It can be an interactive approach to learning, planning, and delivery. And in this way, you can take a proper course of action. Also, when you have project management software, it becomes easy to get past data, and you can show your stakeholders too how you plan to move forward.


In conclusion, the success of a project depends upon several factors, such as timely completion, effective communication, budget, etc. When a large team is working, there are chances that they run into obstacles that could hinder success. A project manager is in charge of removing roadblocks, creating plans, and providing solutions. To help you with that, one can take the help of online platforms and follow the tips mentioned above.