The Voice of Bulgaria

Rositsa Ruseva, Desislava Dragomirova, and Dilyana Koleva are are students in journalism at Shumen University in Shumen Bulgaria.

Valya Balkanska is the cosmic voice of Bulgaria. The voice of our most famous folk singer is included on the Golden Record sent with the Voyager 1 and 2 into space in 1977 and is now travelling beyond our solar system.

The unique song, ‘The Freedom Fighter Haiduk Delyo Came Out,’ will travel in space perhaps for another 60,000 years. It was chosen as the most impressive and beautiful traditional song of Bulgaria from the Ottoman period to be included among the songs on the Golden Record.


This song is a great source of national pride for Bulgarians. All Bulgarians love it. Bulgarian folk music is very special and famous in Europe and around the world. The great Rhodope singer Valya Balkanska sings this song about the ‘Haiduk Delyo’ on the record. You can hear it on this YouTube, The Mystery Of Bulgarian Voices – The project Voyager

You can see Valya singing on this YouTube.

She is accompanied by music from a goat-skin bagbipe called ‘gaida’ in Bulgarian. This is a wonderful instrument from our folk tradition. The test is about the struggle of the Bulgarians to be free.


Valya was born in 1942 in the village of Arda, not far from the city of Smolyan in the Rhodope Mountains. This is near the place where the singer Orpheus is supposed to have been born. She sings with the same love and happiness in her own village neighborhood and in the biggest capitals of the world.

We love this song a lot. In some way, it’s our national musical treasure and brings tears to our eyes.