The Insider’s Guide to Selling Luxury Fashion: Tips From the Pro

The market for luxury items is seeing phenomenal growth thanks to the millennials. The next generation loves luxury brands and also has the purchasing power to afford the brands.

Moreover, in the twenty-first century, the advent of digital technologies has made luxury fashion accessible to all. So it does not matter in which part of the world you are in; it is easy to buy and sell luxury items.

Apart from the digital mode of selling, the availability of a strong re-selling market is also driving up sales in the luxury fashion industry.

This article lists some simple tricks that can give a tremendous boost to your ability to sell luxury fashion products.

Expert Tips To Give A Boost To The Sale Of Luxury Fashion Items

1. Personalize If You Are Selling First Hand Luxury Items

Most experts will tell you that people prefer wearing personalized luxury items. So from designer caps and rings that have your initials and sweatshirts that feature your favorite anime characters, luxury fashion buyers want as much personalization as possible. This is because when they flaunt a personalized product from a luxury brand, it gives the product further exclusivity.

However, if you wish to sell your handbag or your jewelry after a point in time, you must avoid personalization. If you are planning on selling the item, then having a personalized product is definitely a negative point.

You will find it very difficult to convince a buyer to buy an item that does not have his initials. So for re-selling purposes, personalization narrows down your customer base to a great extent.

So personalized products are great for first-hand items but are not so good for second-hand ones.

2. The Selling Experience Matters


When it comes to selling luxury items, the selling experience matters, big brands have a showroom that appeals to their specific customers. The customers are loyal not only because they like the product but because they are enamored by the feel of the showroom, the way the salesman sells, etc.

Luxury jewelry brands have a stone expert on board who advises the clients on the stone’s value. So if you do not have a physical store and you are selling online, do not disregard the experience of the buyer.

Fashion buyers of luxury items will still expect an expert when buying precious stones. Likewise, you should also give your customer for virtually trying on jewelry or clothes.

Again if you are putting up pictures of a fancy top, make sure that all the profiles are made available. So a customer should be able to see how a dress looks from the front, back, and side view, etc.

Thus, even if you do not have a fancy showroom, invest in building a fancy website. Or sell through a third-party store that has a good reputation in the luxury fashion market.

3. Do Not Have High Expectations On The Conversion Rate


Conversion rate means how many people of those who were interested actually bought the product. Many people may make a mistake in believing that when it comes to luxury items, the conversion rates are very high.

Most people believe that people who buy luxury brands are so willing to splurge their money that they will definitely buy if they visit an online or offline store. However, that is not the truth, and even luxury buyers can be picky when it comes to making a purchase.

So if you want to achieve good sales, you have to show your customer what your product is actually worth. So if you are selling a piece that has been exclusively curated by a designer, then emphasize that point.

Likewise, if you are selling a necklace that has a really old gemstone studded in it, then emphasize that point.

4. Pay Heed To The Budget

Most salesmen want to sell pricier items. Moreover, when it comes to luxury items, salesmen might believe that budget is not the main concern of the buyer. But even buyers of luxury items have a set budget, and it is important to pay heed to that budget.

If you constantly disrespect the customer’s budget, then it can be quite annoying, and you may end up making no sale at all.

5. Work On The Perception

It is true that value matters when it comes to luxury products, but even perception is important. Usually, when a buyer is spending a huge amount on a fashion item, he is looking for something that is exclusive, priceless, and something that has great quality. So you have to keep emphasizing these aspects to create a positive perception of the image.

For instance, if you wish to create a perception that a watch is of very high quality, then you can have the product endorsed by a few celebrities.

Likewise, if you wish to create a perception that a dress material is priceless, then you must emphasize how difficult it is to obtain the dress material. Most animal skin products, for instance, sell at remarkably high prices because the buyers believe that obtaining the raw material is extremely difficult.

6. Have Great After Sales Services


Good after sales services are a great way to create a loyal base of customers, and luxury buyers are no exception. In fact, if your customer is paying a whopping price for the product, then it makes sense to give them as prompt and effective an after-sales service as possible.

Selling luxury fashion items is an art. The buyers come with some expectations and a fixed budget, like all buyers. However, they are different as they are willing to pay the price for exclusivity. So when selling to such a specialized niche buyer, you must always emphasize why your products are one of a kind.

Likewise, these buyers expect a great selling ambiance and good after-sales service. So if you wish to impress these customers pay great attention to the selling ambiance and put emphasis on giving prompt after-sales service.