Our New Year’s Resolutions

Readers from Brazil, Canada, China, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the United States, and Venezuela share their resolutions.

One of my resolutions for next year will be to save enough money for my son’s education. I’d like to have less stress in my life and dedicate more time to my family. To show my love more to the people that I live with and that I meet along the way.

Mayra Ivette from Puerto Rico

Source: thriveglobal.com

Next year, I’ll try to be more punctual. I’m also planning to do my best as I’m going to enter the university. Well actually I don’t know why I’m doing this because every year I make some resolutions for the next year that I barely realize. Anyway, it’s kind of funny to find out at the end of the year that you didn’t stop smoking, or that you just went to work out once a month instead of three times a week, or that you are still as impunctual as you were.

Paola Montsalve from Mexico

Trying to make a better world is a task that all of us should do. I will try to make my world better by doing good actions and helping needy people. The new year is going to be a productive year for me. I will try to work out very often in order to get in better physical condition. I will also study very hard to pursue a degree in engineering. I will keep myself away from bad habits such as smoking and drinking because they affect our health. With these changes maybe I can help make a better world!

Luis Schiavo from Venezuela

I hope I’ll be more patient next year. I’m already learning to be more patient this this year by working. I’m working in a very nice French cafe. Next year I plan to study hard. I want to study economics. I want to do this so that I can get a job in something that deals with economics.

Eden Russom from Italy

I plan to travel. I know I probably can’t really do it, but I want to travel around the world. I want to make new friends in other countries.

María T. from Brazil

I really want 2 things to happen this year: 1. First kiss 2. Eagle Scout

Matt Leveillee, International School, Beijing, China

To help my students reach their goals. To exercise more and eat healthy foods.

Z. from the United States

Source: galleryteachers.com

MY new years resolution is to get up on time for school and put my clothes out at night time. I will make my bed up and I hope we win the basketball game .

Jarvis Ellis from the United States

My resolution for this year is to be nicer to my cousins. I also want to be nicer to my teacher and not pout any more.

Lashannan from the United States

My New Year’s Resolution  is to not make a D or an F on my tests.

Jarvis from the United States

My Resolutions

  1. I will try to improve myself either in academics or everything that I do.
  2. I will keep myself working hard for myself, my country, my religion and my family.
  3. I want to be the leader of Malaysia University of Technology students.

Khairul Anuar Bin Azman from Malaysia

Get into the Olympics.

Hank from New Mexico, United States

My New Year’s Resolution

  1. I want to diet.
  2. Don’t forget to an assignment.
  3. I want to eat as many grilled meat this year.

Natsuki Inagaki from Japan

Source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

  1. I want to diet!!!!!
  2. I am going to study hard!!!!!
  3. I want to think of my course after graduation!!!!!

Satomi Ishisaka from Japan

My New Year’s Resolutions!

  1. I will practice the piano more and want to play the piano much better! I will challenge a difficult tune for the this year’s concert.
  2. I want to watch many kinds of movies. I want to go to movie theaters as often as possible.

Masako Hashimoto from Japan

I have my New Year’s resolutions. My dream is to go to foreign countries. This year I will study English very very hard and improve my English. This year I will train my body to be healthy.

Mitsunori Nakada from Japan

I have my New Year’s Resolution. My resolution is save money! Because,I want to go abroad. For that purpose I have to study English. And my resolution is strong muscle. Because good for health and to be muscular. So this year, I don’t catch cold.

Satoshi Nakada from Japan

  1. I want to get up early. Becouse I challenge make a my lunch.
  2. I want to study more . I want to be a nurse.
  3. I want to read books.
  4. I want to be kind to anyone. And I want to make friends.
  5. I want to be healthy everyday.
  6. I hope become good this year!!!

Misako Matsunaga from Japan

I have my New Year’s resolutions. My resolutions is to study hard. Because, this year, I will take an examination. And my resolutions is not late for school. Last year, I was late school three times. So this year, I wasn’t late for school. It is important for me to keep these my resolution. For that reason, I requires concentration.

Kaoru Tominaga from Japan

My New Year’s Resolutions

  1. I want to be thoughtful for everyone.
  2. I want to diet and become beautiful.
  3. I want to prepare for the examination.
  4. I want to practice tennis.
  5. I want to realize to dream.

Momoko Maeda from Japan

Source: mattspoint.com

My new year resolution is to pass the 2nd Grade English Test. So I will study English very very hard. And this year I will be 3rd grade student of high school. I will made many memories with my companions. Now I exchange E-mail with my american friend. She often write me postcard because she is traveling world now. I often didn’t write answer her sooner. So I will answer more fast.

Ai Hamada from Japan

  1. Don’t be enslaved by fixed ideas.
  2. I’ve had it. I can’t speak English at all.

Naoto Sugata from Japan

I have some important resolutions this year. I’m going to become 12 grade student at last! So the most important my resolution is find what I do and become. I have a lot of I want do and become, so I can’t decide only one. Anyway I need more scholastic ability for that reason I should study very very hard…then I can do and become everything!!!

Yu Kawasaki from Japan

I have New Year’s rresolution is, I hold out as not regret everything. Exceptionally this year, I have to decide on my course after graduation.But, I have not decide it. So, I hold out.

Yukiko Ishikawa from Japan

  1. I am going to study hard to improve my English skills.
  2. Especially this year, I am going to prepare for a vocational entrance examinations.
  3. This year, I am going to get obtain many license (a computer program license and a computer graphics license etc…)
  4. I play basket ball, however, my friend is very tall and good at it,but I want be a better player than him!
  5. I wasted money last year. that’s why I don’t wasted money this year.

Tooru Sasaki from Japan

Source: nearbyme2.com

  1. I am going to study English very hard to pass the Eiken 2 kyuu.
  2. I am going to practice very hard to guitar, becouse I want become a No. 1 guitarist in Toyama!?……….
  3. I want to make lot of new original songs.
  4. I want to keep to my health.
  5. I want to bigger than now!

Toshiki Yamaguchi from Japan

I do not want my parents to worry about me. Because, last year I remember running away from home. I’m very sorry for them now. Moreover I’m going to take a vocational school examination. So I must be study hard.

Maiko Mori from Japan

I am going to take university entrance examinations this year. so I am studying very hard!!! I am full of get up and go!! And I want to go on a diet to lose weight! That’s why I play sports-basketball, badminton, volleyball, jogging, walking. I enjoy playing sport! But for my health I have three meals a day. I want to be very happy year!! I will do my best!!!!!!!!!

Nanae Kashihara from Japan

My New Year’s Resolution.

For one thing is study hold out. Because I so far seriously studying thing not. So this year I want to much more study. Then I want to special increase. For example ball game sports. Various ball game try I want. Then I want to many people talking and talking. And I want various people friendly.

Rie Hashimoto from Japan

My New Year’s Resolution

  1. I’ll study hard to get 2nd grade of STEP!
  2. I will study hard to enter the college. Maybe It’s tooooooooooooo hard!!!!!
  3. lose weight 🙁
  4. I wanna go to U.S.A!
    to study:
    to make a lot of friends:
    to get latest music 😀
  5. lose weight 🙁
    It’s very important for me.

Anonymous from Japan

Be nice to my sister.

Get better grades in school. (A+)

Be nicer to one of my friends.

To obey the rules.

Don’t talk back.

Vinny D’Ascoli from the United States

To come to school on time and do my home work.

To not talk back and not to be bad.

For all of my friends and I to go riding more on our free time.

Chris Bozza from the United States

These are my New Years Resolutions:

4MYSELF: My New Years Resolution is to get a Go-Ped

4MY PARENTS: Do not catch an attitude with my family

4MY FRIENDS: Lend them some money.

Matt Rosa from the United States

My new years Resolution is to

  1. pray more
  2. gain weight
  3. More family outings

Anonymous from the United States

Source: americamagazine.org

For my New years resolutions.

  1. I want to get better grades in school.
  2. I want to save up for a playstion memory card.
  3. save up for college.
  4. I want to save up for a playstion memory card.

Bruce from the United States

My resolution is to stop talking in class. When the teacher is talking I won’t. My resolution for my parents is to stop giving them an attitude.My resolution for my brother is to be nicer to him and when he is in a bad mood don’t talk to him. My resolution for my friends is to stop getting into fights. I am going to work on my New Years Resolutions.

Camilla from the United States

For my New Year’s Resoluton, I will read more books, and get more better grades for myself. For my family, I will help them take care of the two new babies in our house. For my friends, I will help them study for their tests, and quizzes.

Qi from the United States

My new years resolution is to make more friends I want to make more friends because I want to always have friends. I also want a good grade in S.S. on my reportcard. I finally did my last years resolution this summer. My last years resolutions was to stop bitting my nails and I did it. I hope I can do these resolutions.

Elizabeth from the United States

My New Year’s resolution is to become one with God first. I then would like to finally put my body in working gear; I tend to be lazy when it comes to exercising.

I would also like to meet that special someone, who will fill my life with happiness and kids. I think my main course will probably be to find and love myself more than anything.

Michelle Perales from the U.S.A.

My new years resolution this year is that I will walk my dog regularly and I will try to get good marks in school. I will also try and read more books and write better stories. I am Canadian.

Jason Watson from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Hello. My New Years resolution is to try make my grades go up one more grade. Another resolution is to be the best football player this year on my team.

Ryan from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

My first new years resolution is to train my puppy. I can do that by making sure he gets told “No!” in a firm voice when he does something he shouldn’t. My second new years resolution is to not fight with my brother. I can fix that by being polite when he hogs the computer and stuff like that. My fourth new years resolution is be able to do an ariel in acrobatics. (A no hand cartwheel) I can do that by practicing and not talking during the acrobats class.

Anonymous from the U.S.

Source: petparlour.ie

My New Year’s Resolution is to be a better person to all people that I meet. I also hope to study more consecutively and be a more diligent student in hopes of surpassing my current standards. A plethora of opportunities awaits all who would strive for them, which is what resolutions are about. My good wishes to all of you who would not wither away but thrive in intellect and in spirit, in the USA, or wherever you life or spirit and dreams take you.

Richard Medina from the U.S.A.

My new year’s resolution is to get better grades by next term. I also want to get on the basketball team.

Mike Nowokowski from the U.S.A.

I will try to meet Americans so that I can learn English more quickly.

“Lynn” from Korea