On New Year’s, Thai People like to Travel and Relax

Thailand has many holidays, and all Thais wait for their holidays, hoping to have time to take a rest after working hard for a long time. There is one holiday that is three days long, April 13-15. We call it “Thai New Year.”

This holiday is the time for young people to show love to persons whom they respect. The activities in this holiday depend on each family, but they usually go to visit their families and enjoy spending time together.

Source: ling-app.com

Some spend their holidays relaxing at travel spots. All of Thailand is filled with travelers and their families at that time. Some well-known places are waterfalls such as Nam Tok Saw Noi, beaches such as Pattaya Beach, and islands such as Phuket Island.

The Thai New Year is a good time for all children to show how much love they have for their parents. We have an occasion on which children give some flowers to their parents and then pour some water on them, or they pour some on their grandparents’ hands. We call it “Rod Nam Dam Hua.”

Source: pattaya.holidayinn.com

We do other fun things. For example, we play with others by pouring some water on them to get them wet. It is a way for adolescent boys and girls to have fun. Youngsters enjoy these activities; however, they realize this holiday is a day for the family. Thai New Year is not just a holiday. It’s a day to show our love. It is a day worth waiting for, isn’t it?